Hyphenation of urge

Are you trying to hyphenate urge? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.


Definitions of urge:

An instinctive motive
Profound religious impulses
A strong restless desire
Why this urge to travel?
Force or impel in an indicated direction
I urged him to finish his studies
Push for something
The travel agent recommended strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day
Spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers

Synonyms of urge:

noun impulse, motivation, motive, need
noun itch, desire
verburge on, press, exhort, advise, counsel
verb recommend, advocate, propose, suggest, advise
verb cheer, inspire, barrack, urge on, exhort, pep up, encourage

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