Hyphenation of sod

Are you trying to hyphenate sod? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.


Definitions of sod:

Surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots
An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of superoxide into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen
Oxygen free radicals are normally removed in our bodies by the superoxide dismutase enzymes
Someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)
An informal British term for a youth or man
The poor sod couldn't even buy a drink
Cover with sod

Synonyms of sod:

noun turf, sward, greensward, land, ground, soil
nounsuperoxide dismutase, SOD, enzyme
noun sodomite, sodomist, bugger, pervert, deviant, deviate, degenerate
noun guy, cat, hombre, bozo
verb cover

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