Hyphenation of scintillating

Wondering how to hyphenate the English word scintillating? This word can be hyphenated and contains 4 syllables as shown below.


Definitions of scintillating:

Brilliantly clever
Scintillating wit A play full of scintillating dialogue
Marked by high spirits or excitement
His fertile effervescent mind Scintillating personality A row of sparkly cheerleaders
Having brief brilliant points or flashes of light
Bugle beads all aglitter Glinting eyes Glinting water His glittering eyes were cold and malevolent Shop window full of glittering Christmas trees Glittery costume jewelry Scintillant mica The scintillating stars A dress with sparkly sequins `glistering' is an archaic term

Synonyms of scintillating:

adj intelligent
adj bubbling, effervescent, sparkling, sparkly, lively
adj aglitter, coruscant, fulgid, glinting, glistering, glittering, glittery, scintillant, sparkling, sparkly, bright

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