Hyphenation of less

Are you trying to hyphenate less? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.


Definitions of less:

(comparative of `little' usually used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree
Of less importance Less time to spend with the family A shower uses less water Less than three years old
(usually preceded by `no') lower in quality
No less than perfect
(nonstandard in some uses but often idiomatic with measure phrases) fewer
Less than three weeks No less than 50 people attended In 25 words or less
Used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs
Less interesting Less expensive Less quickly
Comparative of little
She walks less than she should He works less these days

Synonyms of less:

adj less, little
adj inferior
adj lower, inferior
adj fewer
advto a lesser extent

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