Hyphenation of chicane

Wondering how to hyphenate the English word chicane? This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.


Definitions of chicane:

A bridge hand that is void of trumps
A movable barrier used in motor racing
Sometimes placed before a dangerous corner to reduce speed as cars pass in single file
The use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
Defeat someone through trickery or deceit
Raise trivial objections

Synonyms of chicane:

nounbridge hand
nounmovable barrier
noun trickery, chicanery, guile, wile, shenanigan, deception, deceit, dissembling, dissimulation
verb cheat, chouse, shaft, screw, jockey, beat, beat out, crush, shell, trounce, vanquish
verb cavil, carp, object

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