Hyphenation of changeable

Wondering how to hyphenate the English word changeable? This word can be hyphenated and contains 2 syllables as shown below.


Definitions of changeable:

Capable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature
A mutable substance The mutable ways of fortune Mutable weather patterns A mutable foreign policy
Such that alteration is possible
Having a marked tendency to change Changeable behavior Changeable moods Changeable prices
Subject to change
A changeable climate The weather is uncertain Unsettled weather with rain and hail and sunshine coming one right after the other
Varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles
Changeable taffeta Chatoyant (or shot) silk A dragonfly hovered
Vibrating and iridescent

Synonyms of changeable:

adj mutable
adj changeable, changeful, adjustable, astatic, checkered, distortable, erratic, fickle, mercurial, quicksilver, fluid, unstable, fluid, mobile, jittering, kaleidoscopic, kaleidoscopical, open-ended, quick-change, reversible, volatile, mobile, exchangeable, inconstant
adj uncertain, unsettled, variable
adj chatoyant, iridescent, shot, colorful, colourful

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