Hyphenation of chalk

Are you trying to hyphenate chalk? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.


Definitions of chalk:

A soft whitish calcite
A pure flat white with little reflectance
An amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride
Used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant
A piece of calcite or a similar substance, usually in the shape of a crayon, that is used to write or draw on blackboards or other flat surfaces
Write, draw, or trace with chalk

Synonyms of chalk:

noun calcite
noun white, whiteness
noun methamphetamine, methamphetamine hydrochloride, Methedrine, meth, deoxyephedrine, chicken feed, crank, glass, ice, shabu, trash, amphetamine, pep pill, upper, speed, controlled substance
nounwriting implement
verb draw

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