Hyphenation of adopts

Are you trying to hyphenate adopts? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.


Definitions of adopts:

Choose and follow
As of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans She followed the feminist movement The candidate espouses Republican ideals
Take up and practice as one's own
Take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities
When will the new President assume office?
Take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect
His voice took on a sad tone The story took a new turn He adopted an air of superiority She assumed strange manners The gods assume human or animal form in these fables
Take into one's family
They adopted two children from Nicaragua
Put into dramatic form
Adopt a book for a screenplay
Take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own
She embraced Catholicism They adopted the Jewish faith

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